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Tenth International Conference on Scalable Uncertainty Management (SUM 2016)
Nice, France, September 21-23, 2016
Tenth International Conference on Scalable Uncertainty Management (SUM 2016)
Nice, France, September 21-23, 2016

Accepted papers

Long papers

  • Abdallah Arioua, Madalina Croitoru, Laura Papaleo, Nathalie Pernelle and Swan Rocher. On the Explanation of SameAs Statements using Argumentation
  • Asma Belhadi, Didier Dubois, Faiza Khellaf-Haned and Henri Prade. Reasoning with multiple-agent possibilistic logic
  • Nawal Benabbou, Serena Di Sabatino Di Diodoro, Patrice Perny and Paolo Viappiani. Incremental Preference Elicitation in Multi-Attribute Domains for Choice and Ranking with the Borda Count
  • Nahla Benamor, Didier Dubois, Héla Gouider and Henri Prade. Graphical models for preference representation: An overview
  • Laurence Cholvy. Diffusion of Opinion and Influence
  • Célia Da Costa Pereira, Mauro Dragoni, Andrea Tettamanzi and Serena Villata. Fuzzy Labeling for Abstract Argumentation: An Empirical Evaluation
  • Célia Da Costa Pereira, Andrea Tettamanzi and Serena Villata. A Belief-Based Approach to Measuring Message Acceptability
  • Sarah Alice Gaggl and Umer Mushtaq. Intertranslatability of Labeling-based Argumentation Semantics
  • Anne-Marie George and Nic Wilson. Preference Inference Based on Pareto Models
  • Anthony Hunter. Persuasion Dialogues via Restricted Interfaces using Probabilistic Argumentation
  • Srijan Kumar, Edoardo Serra, Francesca Spezzano and V.S. Subrahmanian. Metric Logic Program Explanations for Complex Separator Functions
  • Iván Palomares, Kim Bauters, Weiru Liu and Jun Hong. A Two-Stage Online Approach for Collaborative Multi-Agent Planning under Uncertainty
  • Odile Papini, Jean-François Baget, Zied Bouraoui, Farid Nouioua and Eric Würbel. ∃-ASP for computing repairs with existential ontologies
  • Rafael Peñaloza and Nico Potyka. Probabilistic Reasoning in the Description Logic ALCP with the Principle of Maximum Entropy
  • Olivier Pivert, Olfa Slama and Virginie Thion. Fuzzy Quantified Structural Queries to Fuzzy Graph Databases
  • Henri Prade. Reasoning with data - A new challenge for AI?
  • Edoardo Serra, Francesca Spezzano and V.S. Subrahmanian. ChoiceGAPs: Competitive Diffusion as a Massive Multi-Player Game in Social Networks
  • Carl Schultz, Mehul Bhatt and Jakob Suchan. Probabilistic Spatial Reasoning in Constraint Logic Programming

Short papers

  • Antoine Amarilli, Silviu Maniu and Mikaël Monet. Challenges for Efficient Query Evaluation on Structured Probabilistic Data
  • Philippe Besnard. Forgetting-based Inconsistency Measure
  • Ludmila Himmelspach and Stefan Conrad. A Possibilistic Multivariate Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Algorithm
  • Nicolas Marin, Gustavo Rivas-Gervilla and Daniel Sanchez. A measure of referential success based on alpha-cuts
  • Francesco Santini. Graded Justification of Arguments via Inner- and Outer-directed Endogenous Features

Accepted talks

  • Josef Bolt, Bob Coecke, Fabrizio Romano Genovese, Martha Lewis, Dan Marsden and Robin Piedeleu. Interacting Conceptual Spaces
  • Nicolas Marin and Daniel Sanchez. Generating Linguistic Descriptions of Data Using Fuzzy Set Theory
  • Sarah Vluymans, Chris Cornelis and Yvan Saeys. Machine Learning for Bioinformatics: Uncertainty Management with Fuzzy Rough Sets